Hi FSL team,

I am using fsl_nets to analyze my data (36 participants, 2 sessions, a total of 72 scans) with 13 "Good" nodes. I am using ANOVA: 2-groups, 2-levels per subject (2-way Mixed Effect ANOVA) design and I have two contrasts in my glm design. "nets_glm" gives me corrected and uncorrected p-values for both contrasts. However, when I use "nets_edgepics", I only get nodes linked to the significant results from contrast 1. I am more interested in contrast 2. I am not sure how I can get nets_edgepics to give me results from contrast 2.

Also, is there a way for me to use "nets_boxplots" to look at the distribution of the correlation values between my two groups in two different sessions?

Thanks in advance,

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