The Clark lab at Washington State University ( is looking for highly  motivated postdoctoral candidates with a background in molecular dynamics, statistical mechanics, and data science (topological and/or machine learning) preferred. The candidate will study complex fluids and their interfaces, and design new analysis methods based upon topological data analysis, with integration of experimental data. The project involves collaboration with multiple National Laboratories in the US.


# Qualifications


Highly skilled in molecular dynamics software (LAMMPS, gromacs, etc.), with extensive script and coding experience (preferably Python). Strong understanding of the chemistry and physics of solution phase processes. Experience with collective variables, transition state theory, and/or metadynamics desired.


A productive track record with at least three first-author publications is

required. We seek a driven individual who will hit the ground running,

lead her/his research independently, and communicate frequently and

clearly to collaborative partners.


# Environment


Located in southeastern Washington State, WSU is a haven for outdoor lovers and those seeking a peaceful college town.


# How to apply


Interested candidates should submit a CV and arrange that three letters

of reference be sent directly to [log in to unmask]. Please reference



WSU is an equal opportunity employer.




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