Hi all,

I'm looking for references/advice on strategies for sub-sampling floatation heavy fractions with fish bones.

Context: I have huge collection of heavy fractions from my excavations on the south coast of Peru, they are chock-full of tiny fish bones (think anchovy and sardine vertebrae, etc). Obviously a complete faunal analysis needs to include these materials, but due to time and budget constraints, it is not feasible to fully remove all the bones from every single heavy fraction.  

My first thought was to take a standard-sized sample from each heavy fraction, and use the fraction weights to extrapolate from there. That said, I'm sure someone else has dealt with this issue before, and I would welcome any wisdom you can provide!

Jo Osborn
Jo Osborn
PhD Candidate, University of Michigan
Museum of Anthropological Archaeology
3010 School of Education Building
610 E. University Avenue, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1259 USA

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