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Please see below for information regarding the Cultures of Unbelief conference to be held in Rome this May. For further details, please visit the conference website or contact the Understanding Unbelief Project Administrator, Claire Berlyn at [log in to unmask]


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Dr Rachael Shillitoe

Research Associate

BSA SocRel Conference and Events Officer

Department of Sociology 

University of York
YO10 5DD


Tel: 01904 321876


Cultures of Unbelief, Rome, 28-30 May

The capstone conference of the Understanding Unbelief programme https://research.kent.ac.uk/understandingunbelief/  

As the global population of religious ‘unbelievers’ continues to grow, the Cultures of Unbelief conference brings together leading academics, leaders of religious and nonreligious groups, journalists, educators and many others to understand what it really means to be a religious ‘unbeliever’. Cultures of Unbelief will explore how ‘unbelievers’ engage with religion, their diverse existential, metaphysical and moral beliefs, and prospects for dialogue and collaboration between believers and unbelievers.

Cultures of Unbelief also marks three significant anniversaries in the academic study of ‘unbelief’: the 50th anniversary of the Vatican’s pioneering ‘Culture of Unbelief’ conference in 1969; the 10th anniversary of the Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network’s (NSRN) 1st conference (Oxford University, 2009); and, the work of the landmark $3m research programme, Understanding Unbelief, funded by the John Templeton Foundation (University of Kent, 2017-20).

To register visit:  https://kenthospitality.kent.ac.uk/Register/Registration/Welcome.aspx?e=54AB6564250778CC1E3DC371DCE2F77F


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