With apologies for cross-posting. Please note that the abstract submission deadline has now been postponed to Monday 18th February.


Submissions are still received for papers and posters for session #46 of the 2019 Annual Meeting of the European Archaeological Association (4-8 Sept 2019, Bern, Switzerland). The session topic is: Central Mediterranean prehistory at the EAA25 turn: research advances and new directions (Theme 1: Archaeological theory and methods beyond paradigms).


The Central Mediterranean is one of the most intensively researched regions of prehistoric Europe in subjects including, but not limited to, landscape and environment, settlement patterns, exchange and mobility, technology and economy, life- and death-ways, social complexity, and early urbanism. Recent discoveries and scientific analysis have furthered our understanding of its material and social dynamics, but debate is often hindered by hyper-specialisation as well as disciplinary and country boundaries discouraging comparative, cross-subject, and cross-period research. The session aims to take a ‘critical snapshot’ at prehistoric studies in the region since the time of the first EAA meeting. We will discuss key disciplinary developments occurred in the last 25 years and capture the most innovative present-day research advances, which may shape the agenda of Central Mediterranean prehistoric studies in the next 25 years.


We invite doctoral students, early career researchers, and established scholars to submit papers discussing recent advances and new directions in central Mediterranean prehistory from the Palaeolithic to the Iron Age. The region ranges from the Southern Alps to coastal Tunisia/Libya and from the eastern Adriatic/Ionian Seas to Sardinia, Corsica, and Provence. The papers should offer broad, bold, and conceptually engaging perspectives in any subject of prehistoric studies, focusing on how research has challenged established paradigms and interpretations, or how it is likely to challenge them in the future. Collaborative papers cutting across traditional geographic, methodological, and period boundaries are especially welcome, as are those showing how the regional dynamics affected other areas of prehistoric Europe and the Mediterranean. A parallel poster session will host contributions with narrower period and area foci.


Papers and poster proposals should be submitted via the EAA online submission form at Submissions must include a title (20 words max.) and an abstract (150-300 words) accompanied by 3-6 keywords. The deadline for submissions is now 18th February 2019.


Session #46 can be found here:



Andrea Dolfini, Newcastle University (UK)

Guillaume Robin, Edinburgh University (UK)

Mary Anne Tafuri, ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome (Italy)

Francesco Iacono, Cambridge University (UK)

Maja Gori, Bochum University (Germany)




Dr Andrea Dolfini

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Convenor of the Cluster for Interdisciplinary Artefact Studies


School of History, Classics and Archaeology

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Newcastle University

Newcastle upon Tyne

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+44 (0)191 2083402


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