Hi Nick,
We used to have points, lines and polys then we just polygonised everything so we could cut down on the number of layers we had to deal with. The first two were done automatically by buffering lines and points. It does mean roads and railways are just long thin polys but they're easy enough to edit and reduces the number of shape files we need to export for searches. Events are digitised as trench plans / survey areas and monuments just the most suitable poly for the 'thing' using our professional judgement. Circles for stuff we can't accurately locate - the bigger the circle the more rubbish the location!


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Hi folks


We have started work on polygonising our records, and having had a bit of a play need to come up with some sort of policy/manual so we have consistency. The playing phase has thrown up some things to consider, and previous experience means I am aware of some others.


I am aware of various guidance on this (eg MIDAS etc) , but has anyone actually written a manual on what they polygonise (and as importantly what they don’t) and why they made those distinctions, they would be willing to share so I can benefit from previous experience/pinch all your good ideas?


I have some ideas and it seems there is no perfect solution, there will always be trade offs, but it would be useful to get anyone elses views on this, even if its just via email if you don’t have a formal document





best wishes


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