Hi Martin

It was never intentional, but a massive part of the impact of my A Street Near You site was Facebook, and seemingly very much through local groups/pages.  In the first three days after launch it had had nearly 250,000 visits and a whopping 168,000 of these were through Facebook. An additional 20,000 were from Twitter and of course these are far easier to find[1] and monitor[2]

But coming back to your point, I was directed to a tool called CrowdTangle which has a Chrome extension [3] and this allowed me to see the *public* Facebook posts that had linked to the site and it very quickly became clear that there is a huge number of thriving local interest groups out there[4] (and I can't stress enough, by definition these will only be the *public* groups so possibly the tip of the iceberg!)

Bundle this up in the right way and I think it could be fantastic and have real impact/reach. On which note, I presume you've seen https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/02/15/upshot/british-irish-dialect-quiz.html ?  Have a look at the second tab of the Google Sheets link[4] where I have added the CrowdTangle data for that site - might give you a few ideas!



[2] through tools like TAGS https://tags.hawksey.info/
[3]  https://www.crowdtangle.com/ with a typical screenshot at https://prnt.sc/mo54pl and the current data for astreetnearyou.org at 
[4] An extract of the 40 local-focused Facebook groups/pages with more than 10,000 followers where a link was posted to astreetnearyou.org (interactions = Likes, Shares, Comments etc). Full CrowdTangle data at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DRauA5tnQ7QIs_WxnB_IDuZCNnJZlQ0vE9VNqhhiGe0/edit?usp=sharing
The Land Called Scotland739145
Social History42929428
Lancaster Past & Present401986
Pictures of Sheffield old and new3598165
Southampton Heritage Photos3263543
Canterbury Residents Group3045417
Southampton Memories: People and Places2990059
Preston Past and Present26507134
I belong to bolton25708158
What's on in Ramsbottom2501885
St Helens - Back in the day...234515
Liverpool Hidden History23054231
Old photos of Carlisle and surrounding area.2283614
Spotted Newton Abbot2214070
Darlington As It Looked 1880 - 19802201532
Guildford Town Past & Present2146910
Guildford Town Past & Present2143235
History of Blackpool21419100
Birmingham City Centre Past1697159
ROTHERHAM. I remember when..1694216
Great Yarmouth Memories16470138
I Love SE4 - Brockley Ladywell, Crofton Park & Telegraph Hill1576655
Old Stirling1569570
Godalming & Villages Community Board1523212
Lymington Rumour Control1511349
Catford and Lewisham - way back when....1496666
We Love Folkestone1422652
Northampton Past1409347
Dover (Kent) History Pages1368853
Queensbury Village - The Official Group :)1351232
Hyde Community Group134011
Lowestoft one hell of a town1296727
Plumstead People1279445
Lowestoft one hell of a town126564
Consett & District Heritage Initiative124479
BOURNE Rural LINCS Lincolnshire ( Group )120281
SEE Southampton1020225
James Morley

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Hi all


The Dialect and Heritage project (currently in development) will be creating a website to engage non-specialists with the topic of Dialect, initially based on the Survey of English Dialects (1960s-70s) and other material.  

New material will be gathered during the project:
(a) for research purposes and
(b) to enhance the online offer for non-specialists.     

It will be gathered at events and workshops at museums and other venues, during specially facilitated sessions, and by online submissions.  


In addition, we are thinking of using Facebook /other platform(s):

(1) to pull people to the site and also crucially
(2) to get people talking and sharing their own comments, material etc.  


Do you know of any projects that have used Facebook /other platform(s) in this way?     I’m keen to learn from successes, failures and anything else that might be useful. 





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