Dear CAS Members,

A happy New Year to you all. I'm pleased to say that we're starting the year with an exhibition that features several CAS artists, alongside the London Group and the Lumen Prize: "In The Dark":

As the UK whirls into the vortex, The London Group plunges into the darkness of a blacked out Cello Factory in its latest experimental show :
In the Dark

The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8TJ

January 17th, 18th, 19th 2-6pm

* PV Thursday 17th 6-8pm with three performance artists; Birgitta Hosea, Fay Barnett & Fanny Cox.
* Talks 4pm-6pm on Friday 18th.

Curated by Genetic Moo, this show combines the members’ work with friends from the Computer Arts Society and Lumen Prize. The one stipulation for the artworks in the show is that they generate their own light (for example using projection) or can be illuminated by other works (ie projected onto). This simple rule alone has meant the works are interlinked in ways not seen before turning the whole group exhibition into an installation of sorts, filling all surfaces of the unique space including the ceiling. Collaborations and works spilling over onto other works are welcomed.

I hope you can attend!

Best wishes,


Dr Nick Lambert,
Chair, Computer Arts Society, BCS SG

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