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AAIS 2019- Wake Forest University


Title:   WSC Roundtable: Teaching Paola Masino 

This round table seeks to address methodological questions on the teaching of Paola Masino’s texts. Such questions might include, but are not limited to, the following: • Which of Masino’s texts do you happen to use most in your courses? • In which type of courses would it be appropriate to include the studying of Masino’s works (Women’s Studies, Italian Literature Courses, History of women, others)? • How do you organize and approach the teaching of these texts? • Are there any particular challenges in teaching Paola Masino’s texts? • Do you select texts in translation or in Italian? • What are students’ reactions when they read Paola Masino? The round table will have an open format, and will include shorter presentations (5-6 minutes) that focus on the panelist’s area of interest in relation to the topic, followed by a 45-minute discussion.

Please send a brief abstract on the topic of your presentation (250 words) followed

by a brief biography to [log in to unmask]. Deadine: January 15 2019.


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