I re-post my contribution from 17 may 2017.
Software versions and hardware may be obsolete, but some of the information may still help.

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Subject: 3D graphics under linux for coot, pymol and chimera
Date: Wed, 17 May 2017 12:27:21 +0200
From: Wim Burmeister <[log in to unmask]>
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we just wanted to share our experience in finding a configuration which allows to use 3D graphics under linux using Nvidia GeForce 3D glasses.

We had quite a hard time to find a configurations which works correctly.

We finally used Debian linux with a xfce desktop. Other recent desktops use a tiling which is not compatible with 3D graphics.

The hardware consists of

The Nvidia linux drivers from version 367.57 can handle the current version of the Nvidia glasses.

For an obscure reason a direct DP-DP connection between graphics card and display is absolutely required in order to obtain fully working stereo. If a DP-DVI dual link adapter is used, the stereo does not work on the top and the bottom part of the screen. This is true for a native DELL active adaptor or generic models. The exact reason remains unresolved, but the solution is to use a direct DP-DP connection. This limits the available choice of displays which require 120 Hz for 1080*1980 screen resolution and a DP input. We have been choosing a “Nvidia 3D ready” model.

There has been a considerate about of exchange about this problem on

The setup comes with a price tag of about 1600 € free of taxes.

coot, pymol and chimera work straight without problems in hardware stereo mode. The experience is absolutely great.




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