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AI3SD Newsletter: Issue 1
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Advisory Board | Events Attended | Network+ Launch Meeting | Events & Funding Calls of Interest | Coming Soon | AI3SD Membership | Subscription Details
Advisory Board

Introducing the AI3SD Advisory Board!

The Network+ Advisory Board is chaired by Professor John Overington of the Medicines Discovery Catapult and is currently comprised of 13 highly experienced individuals from both industry and academia, with a wide range of relevant skills to our Network+. The purpose of the Network+ Advisory Board (AB) is to provide advice on the conduct and content of the AI3SD Network+. This encompasses helping to identify major streams of research for the Network+ and to both commission and assess research proposals. More information about the AB members can be found here:

Our first meeting was held on the 3rd October 2018. This was a very useful first meeting where we discussed the main aims and activities of the Network+, agreed upon the role of the Advisory Board, and started planning the Network+ events and funding calls for 2019 with a careful consideration of how to best align these to the Network+ aims.

Events Attended

The Network Executive Group have attended five relevant meetings. More information on these meetings can be found at: where blog posts and links to reports will be added in due course.

Semantics Conference - 10th-13th September 2018
Samantha the Network+ Coordinator attended the 14th Semantics Conference in Vienna both to present her own research and to make contacts for the Network+. This conference has great relevance to the Network+ as it is an industry led conference centered around combining machine learning techniques with semantic web technologies.


Internet of Food Things Network+ Launch - 21st September 2018
Both Jeremy (PI) & Samantha attended the IoFT Launch, which was a fantastic opportunity to meet another Network and to identify relevant collaborations for IoFT and AI3SD as there are some overlaps in research interests between the two Networks. We are planning a joint workshop for 2019 - more details to come when we announce the 2019 Event and Funding plan.


Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Research - 9th October 2018
Jeremy attended this meeting in Stein which was hosted at the Syngenta Campus. This was highly pertinent to the Network+ as we are very interested in using artificial intelligence to aid scientific discovery. This event gave Jeremy the opportunity to meet world experts in the field of AI in chemical research, both to assess the current status quo of these technologies and identify the key challenges and potential for the future.


Centre of Machine Intelligence Launch - 26th October 2018
Niranjan and Samantha attended the Centre of Machine Intelligence Launch at the University of Southampton, where Niranjan gave an insightful talk on learning from outliers in machine learning. This event had a range of AI and ML based talks, in addition to an expert panel, a poster demonstration and academic speed dating! The wide range of projects here were very impressive and definitely gave food for thought for projects the Network+ can get involved in.


#CONVENZIS - Government Digital Technology Congress - 1st November 2018
Jeremy attended the #CONVENZIS conference on Government Digital Technology Congress (Development in a Digital World) at the beginning of November in Etc. Venues, London. This event provided a very interesting perspective on the digital (and some AI) interface between government and commercial organisations.

Network+ Launch Meeting

Our Launch Meeting has reached capacity!

Our Launch Meeting has proved incredibly popular and has now reached capacity. We are expecting ~140 people and there are a further 50+ people on the waiting list! If you are on this waiting list keep your eyes peeled in case tickets become available. If you are attending and can no longer make it please let us know or cancel your ticket so that we can release tickets to people on our waiting list.

We will use this mailing list as the first advertisement of our events to give our members priority to sign up to them! At our Launch Meeting we will be announcing the first funding call, and our events and workshops for 2019! For those of you who are unable to attend we will send out a detailed report after the fact.

For more information on the event please visit our Eventbrite page:

Events & Funding Calls of Interest

The upcoming funding calls and events of interest for Network+ members are:

Artificial intelligence in Clinical Image Analysis - 28th November 2018
Application deadline: 28th November 2018
Workshop dates: 6th–9th January 2019
Funding period: 1 year
Funding amount: £100k/project, up to five projects to be funded


MGMS Young Modeller's Forum (YMF) - 30th November 2018
Old Royal Naval College, London, UK


SCI-RSC Workshop on Computational Tools for Drug Discovery - 10th April 2019
The Studio, Birmingham, UK


Big Ideas for Big Data in Drug Discovery - 12th April 2019
School of Pharmacy, University College London, London, UK


The Eighth Joint Sheffield Conference on Chemoinformatics - 17th-19th June 2019
The Information School, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK


If you know of any further relevant meetings of interest to this Network+ we would love to hear from you! Please either email this list with them, or send us a message to include them in the next newsletter.

Coming Soon

The currently planned upcoming events to be attended by the Network+ team in November, December and January are:

Seminar at the Australian National University - 28th-29th November 2018
Niranjan will be visiting the Australian National University. His seminar on "Inference from Outliers" will include his recent (unpublished) work on solubility and some advertisement to the Network+.


Faraday Division Chemistry Software Tools Meeting - 12th December 2018
The Frey Group at University of Southampton (including Jeremy and Samantha) are helping out at this event which is designed to help physical chemists find the best software tools for their research, and will be giving talks on Responsible, Reproducible Research & FAIR Data, and Collaborative Paper Writing: Google Docs, Word and Office 365, TeX and Overleaf. This is a great opportunity for us to connect with researchers in this field and promote the Network+ to them as a place for them to make new contacts and see what relevant events and funding calls we have in place that are applicable to their research.


Recoding Black Mirror - 30th January 2019
Samantha will be attending this workshop in Brussels as part of CPCD2019. This workshop is centered around ethical and societal challenges of digital technologies, computer science solutions against the misuse of technologies, and technological approaches to prevent Black Mirror's dystopian future. This is highly relevant to the Network+ as we need to be mindful of the ethical and societal implications of the technology we are creating, and take preventative steps against making these dystopian stories a reality.


Machine Learning Course at Botswana International University of Science and Technology - 15th-25th January 2019
Niranjan will teach an intense module on Machine Learning at the Botswana International University of Science and Technology, a short course spanning foundations of statistical pattern recognition to recent advances in deep learning.


Funding Calls & Event Announcements - Early 2019
At the launch meeting we will be announcing our event line up for 2019 including workshops, hackathons and conferences. We will also be announcing what our first call for funding will be, with more details about when this call will go out.

AI3SD Membership

We now have 165 members on the mailing list which covers individuals from over 25 different academic institutions and over 25 different companies. Membership of this list defines membership of the AI3SD Network.

Joining instructions

Send an email to: mailto:[log in to unmask] with the following details:

Subject: Subscribe
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Or go to:

The list is moderated, sending relevant news and events to the members of this encouraged. We will send out all relevant Network+ communications through this channel including details of our upcoming events, funding calls and activities.

Please pass this on to others who may be interested in our Network.

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