Good morning,


I apologise in advance if this is not a list appropriate query – but I wasn’t sure of the best route to go down for advice.


Known to my current employer, I would like to move beyond my current work in libraries and into archives. I am at a very early stage in my career, so flexible enough to move around. I currently work in copyright in a university library, but am on a fixed term contract and looking to make moves towards archives when my contract comes to an end.


I wanted to ask the list’s view on whether I should undertake a full masters postgrad in archives, or whether it is possible to move into the field with a PGDip or PGCert. The majority of job postings I have seen ask for a postgraduate qualification in archives, but rarely detail which level of qualification this is expected to be. I ask largely because the full masters is of course much more expensive than a lesser qualification. I would love to do the masters if I am able to fund it, but wanted to look at other options in the event I am not.


Any advice for someone at this stage in their career would be greatly appreciated, or indeed referral to a more appropriate forum for this kind of question!


Many thanks in advance,




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