Dear friends and colleagues, here is my last film

on architecture


In HD:



In Full HD:



I will be honoured if you spare some time to “go to the movies”: the film is 1 h 11 min 12 sec long. You can watch it on the computer screen, but it will look much nicer on a large Full HD TV screen.

Segments of my short movie Desert (24’56”) have been reworked and included.

For those who have not come to the Capital, maybe an intriguing introduction...

And those who did come, perhaps will meet a fresh regard…

Please feel free to pass it on, if you so wish – I’ll be very grateful!

And also to offer me a critical appraisal, of course!

Apologies for cross-posting.



Fred Holanda




The synopsis:


Brasilia of many faces: dazzling palaces and other exceptional buildings, and banal products of real estate developers; bucolic "superblocks" of Lucio Costa’s Pilot Plan and pre-modern charm of a 19th century village; segregation and homogeneity of social housing estates, and fascinating architectural and human diversity of a neighborhood in the metropolitan core; wealth of the mansions, poverty of the shacks, and what is in between; presence and absence in public places – gardens, sidewalks, streets, lake waterfront – day and night, on and off weekdays, at work and at leisure; exceptional events gathering thousands of people in the monumental spaces. The film is an account of the city that harboured me 46 years ago.

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