Hi James,

We have an exhibition running at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery at the moment called Planes, Trains and Automobiles which displays a wall of Stereographs but also uses a traditional Holmes viewer and digitally via a Google Cardboard ViewMaster to allow visitors to experience the works in 3D. We did this via a bespoke version of this app (which uses NYPL collection that you mentioned as source), and which the developer (David Quaid) adapted for us.

However, we were also looking at ways for users to be able to enjoy our collection of Stereographs online without having to visit the gallery. Thankfully,  David (ever helpful) built the website to enable anyone with a collection to be able to share it online. It’s really simple to set up, all you need is a collection on Flickr. We have added a few collections on there, including the one that is on display in the show..

Coincidentally we will also be presenting the project as part of the conference in St Andrew’s.



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Subject: Anyone have examples of creative digital experiences with Victorian 3D photography (stereoviews)?

Hi all

A friend who is curator of photography at St Andrews University is organising their month-long festival of photography in October, and specifically a two-day conference on stereo photography - see,2234206,en.php

It got me thinking about examples of digital delivery of these Victorian stereoviews/stereographs (the ones, in their original analogue state, with the double images that are typically viewed through a handheld or desktop twin-lens wooden viewer - and I wondered if anyone has examples of innovative ways of displaying them, be it online or in-gallery?

Examples I can immediately think of are:

- simple animated gifs that alternate the left and right images to simulate the effect (otherwise known as wiggling!) - the NYPL still imho leads the field in this with their Stereogranimator where users make the animations from the 20,000+ collection of images in the NYPL collections, or they can use their own images on Flickr -

- in-gallery analogue viewers but with a digital screen running a slideshow (IWM has done this, and I've seen something similar in a few other places like the maritime museum in Barcelona)

- full blown projections that require use of dedicated glasses

- bespoke apps / interactives where either the museum supplies the viewing device or the user needs to have there own headset

What I'm especially interested in is anything that has a pretty low barrier to entry, is accessible (in the broadest sense) to as many people as possible, is scalable in terms of image sets, and has a very simple user experience - for example using a mobile and a viewing device like Google Cardboard to display a simple gallery/slideshow that is controlled by head gestures. Of course it should also be both iOS and Android compatible as a minimum. Either open source software that could be adapted, or a free platform that could have a custom image set added to it.

Anyone seen anything great out there?

Aside from this, she's also having a hard job promoting the festival and conference, given limited time and money (and being banned from setting up any official social media accounts herself) so any help/suggestions promoting it, even through a simple tweet and link to,2234206,en.php , would be much appreciated!

Cheers, James

James Morley
Twitter: @jamesinealing<> / @PhotosOfThePast<>


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