Hi All,

    As promised, I've now released an updated version of WebPA. Thank you to everyone who helped with the testing to ensure that this version worked with PHP 7. There were two minor bugs found and resolved as a result of this effort.

I believe version 3 is stable enough to use in production but if anyone finds any bugs, please submit a ticket via GitHub's issue tracker.

I've also added composer support so if people with, they can install version 3 by running:

I've updated the readme of the project to try and provide as much information about installation/bug reporting when you visit the GitHub repo. All files have been updated to remove the old incorrect version numbers from their docblocks.

New releases will now follow semantic versioning to make upgrades easier to predict. I've also added a changelog so institutions upgrading the system will have an easier time with this.

I will continue to fix bugs as they are reported. Next steps are probably to streamline the code base to make it easier to maintain for the future.

If anyone has any feature suggestions please add an issue to GitHub. I will be going through the develop branch and porting any features that haven't been integrated into the latest version soon.

This version might work with PHP 5.x but I haven't tested this. Until there is automated tests added to the code base it will be hard to establish this manually so where possible, use the 2.x branch for version 5 and 3.x branch for PHP 7 only,

Many thanks,

Andrew Millington
Learning Applications Development Team Manager | Digital Learning Applications and Media
Tel: +44 (0)131 651 1266 | H West, Argyle House, Edinburgh, EH3 9DR

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