One point; you say you have only tested 11 samples and of these only 2 show elevated lead. Perhaps before you install anything you might want to get hold of a hand-held XRF to check if you were just unlucky with the two samples. The XRF would allow you to test at multiple points and give you more of an idea of the average levels across the area and whether you only have a couple of hotspots.



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Subject: School soft landscaping in root protection zone


Hi All


Has anyone come across remediation methods within a root protection zone?


We have a Secondary School where 2 samples out of 11 detected elevated concentrations of lead that exceeded the threshold criteria for a POS(resi) land use scenario. However, given that the soft landscaped areas are within a root protection zone, the Consultants are considering an alternative method to break the pathway between the contaminated soils and the future users as below.



The assumed proposed use of this open space will be an informal recreational area and have institutional controls from the school (Accessed by staff and students, presumed 6th formers, and not fenced off or used as a formal play area).


Do you feel that this measure would be sufficient to break the assumed pollutant linkage?


I would be grateful if you have any experience or comments on the above.


Many thanks



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