Dear CCP4 member

I am  solving a protein structure with Resolution 2.2 Angstrom. I could see some blobs (2fo-fc @1sigma) and fo-fc @ 2.5 sigma) and need your suggestions on these extra electron densities. In addition to this, in one of the large blob I have added the phosphate group.
 This is a nucelotide binding protein however structure I am showing here was of native protein crystal without any nucleotide soaking and also no phosphate buffer was used at any time during the purification as well as crystallization process.  
Furthermore in one such blob I tried fitting the adenine moiety though it is not fitting exactly in the map, it decreased the Rfree value significantly, 

kindly suggest me what it should be corresponding to?

Also please let me know if any other structure information required regarding this protein data or this blob density

Thanks a lot in advance


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