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I obviously missed the Chester Mystery Plays! They seem to appear in two plays "The Harrowing of Hell" (walk-on parts) and "Anti-Christ" (rather more dramatic!)

John Briggs

Paul Chandler wrote:

Laura Jacobus wrote:
The Black Country Enoch and Eli jokes are fascinating!  I wonder if they feature in any surviving mystery play texts? (Sorry to wander off topic)

See R.K. Emmerson, "'Nowe ys  common this  daye': Enoch  and Elias, Antichrist  and  the  Structure  of  the Chester Cycle", in Homo, memento finis: The Iconography of Just Judgement in Medieval  Art and Drama, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1985, 89-120. -- Paul


Enoch and Eli [Aynuk and Ayli] are two characters in standard present-day Black Country jokes - the pairing probably deriving from that in medieval pictorial representations or in processions.

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