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Dear Colleagues

I have a recently-made colour digital copy of a manuscript from Paris. The codex is tightly bound, the ink is very gray and faded, the handwriting is only passably neat, and I couldn't say the focus of the images is especially sharp. So the expensive images are barely usable.

I've tried enhancing them in IrfanView and XnView, which according to what I read are the best image viewers for Windows, but without much improvement in readability. I'd prefer tp print them out, perhaps enlarged, rather than peer at them on screen, where it's hard to keep your place. Does anyone have any advice or experience to share? I would be most grateful.

I suppose the main requirement is an increase in contrast so that the grayish writing stands out a bit more from the page (vellum, not especially dark, but not bright either).

Thanks in advance. -- Paul

Paul Chandler, O.Carm.
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