Dear Colleagues,


Iniva is recruiting for a new Library and Archive Manager as I will be leaving the Stuart Hall Library at the end of September to take up a PhD studentship.


This is a great opportunity to work for a dynamic arts organisation with an exciting programme that aims to challenge conventional notions of diversity and difference, working with British-based artists of African and Asian descent.

The library holds a unique international contemporary art collection and archive, with a focus on artists from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and diaspora artists from those continents living in Europe. It also holds critical material on underpinning issues around cultural identity and intersections including race, class and gender; named after our founding chair, Professor Stuart Hall, it aims to take a political and non-Western-centric lens through its collection.


For information about the role:


And for more on the collection:


Please do pass on to anyone who may be interested. I’m happy to chat informally if anyone would like more information.


Best wishes,




Stephanie Moran

Library and Information Manager

Iniva’s Stuart Hall Library

020 7749 1252



About Iniva

Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) is an evolving, radical visual arts organisation dedicated to developing an artistic programme that reflects on the social and political impact of globalisation. With the Stuart Hall Library acting as a critical and creative hub for our work, we offer residencies, commission new work and promote existing practices enabling artistic ambition and development.



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Iniva is a registered charity. Please donate here or when visiting the Stuart Hall Library. Arts Council England will double every donation for a limited period, so your donation will go further in helping to support our artistic programme.


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