The UK electronic information Group (UKeiG) is pleased to announce its 2018 summer/autumn CPD programme. Further information about each event, with the opportunity to book online, is available at:

Advanced Knowledge Management: Strategy & Digital Implementation Friday September 7th
This advanced course explores in depth KM strategic planning and how to implement KM platforms effectively in the digital workplace. It will help you to articulate an organisational business plan to champion and start you on the road to a pervasive and successful KM culture in your organisation. It emphasises the more enterprise-level implications of Knowledge Management and is essential for KM practitioners and managers who want to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. Senior managers with responsibility for knowledge mobilisation and sharing initiatives who need an enterprise-centric view of KM and senior professional services staff outside of library and information services (eg IT, Finance, Communications, HR) will also find this course invaluable.

Search Usability: filters and facets Tuesday September 18th
This course will provide an introduction to the design of search user experiences with a focus on the
fundamental principles of faceted search and navigation. It is essential for intranet/web managers, information architects, search specialists, developers and managers of search projects, or anyone who either has implemented or is planning to implement a search application and wants to maximise the usability and effectiveness of their investment.

Better Social Media for Libraries: Twitter, Blogs and Instagram Friday October 12th
Social Media provides essential marketing, communications and networking opportunities in today’s digital workplace, but what can you do to elevate your library or information service to a higher level of stakeholder engagement? This course is vital if you want to transition your use of social media platforms to a more strategic, corporate level. Essential for all digital librarians, IT and information professionals who use Twitter, Instagram and/or blogs on behalf of their institution, and who want to explore beyond the basics of what these tools are and why to use them; focussing on how to use them more strategically, efficiently and effectively.

Practical Knowledge Management for Information Professionals Friday October 19th
Do you want to find out how to actually "do" effective KM? Do you need to know how to convince senior management that managing knowledge will bring real benefits? Then this practical course - based on extensive, real-life case studies - is a must! Effectively managed knowledge is one of the greatest resources modern organisations possess – and information professionals, with their expertise and understanding of their organisation’s working needs, are well positioned to take the lead. This is an informative and inspiring course for information professionals who are planning or contemplating taking up KM as a key service for their library or information unit or who require a robust understanding of KM for their professional development.

Research Data Management for Information Professionals Wednesday November 14th
Data collected during research needs to be managed more carefully. It is in researchers’ own interests to do so, and increasingly funders also mandate data planning. The scale, diversity and fragility of digital data make this challenging. Universities are beginning to develop a support infrastructure that will help improve research data management. Some libraries are already beginning to play a key role in defining and delivering this infrastructure. This course provides a practical and informative introduction to the role of librarians and information professionals in supporting Research Data Management (RDM). It is essential for information professionals and librarians with an interest/responsibility for supporting research, especially RDM, or any professional wishing to keep their skills up to date in this important field.

Navigating the Deep Web: Advanced Search Strategies for Researchers Thursday November 15th
This popular course explores the tools that can help surface deep (hidden) web information. It will also address advanced search strategies, current developments in search engine technology and different approaches to tackling research. The techniques and strategies covered in the workshop are applicable to all sectors and subjects including legal, academic, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, business, industry R&D and education.

The Tony Kent Strix Annual Memorial Lecture 2018 Friday November 23rd
Maarten de Rijke, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam and 2017 winner of the prestigious Tony Kent Strix Award, delivers a free lecture  'Retrieval as Interaction.' Professor de Rijke will compare the off-line and online development phases of information retrieval systems.

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