Hi Helena, You could get the learners to evaluate each lesson in groups e.g. talk about what they learned, how they feel etc. My learners then record something in their ILPs. At the beginning of the course I give them examples of things they could write on cards. I think the verbal feedback is the most useful because as the teacher you can respond to it and more discussion as a class may well come from it. Hope that helps. Karina

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Subject: Evaluation methods for ESOL classes and ESOL learner handbook

Dear Colleagues,


We are a small charity based in Glasgow delivering community and workplace ESOL classes for learners of all levels across the city. We’re interested to hear if anyone can help with two current pieces of work:


  1. Does anyone have tried and tested evaluation techniques for evaluating their ESOL classes with their learners, particularly lower level? Apart from getting learner feedback, we also have funding reporting requirements at the end of every term. We are currently trying to improve our evaluation methods to get more meaningful feedback from our learners. We are trying to capture an increase in confidence and increased community engagement.

    Until now we have used evaluation forms with pictures that learners complete with our support, and group interviews, as well as capturing informal comments from learners.

     We also find that many ESOL learners are not used to the concept of evaluations or being asked what they think of their class – any tips on how to get them more accustomed to this? Any examples/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2.  We are creating a learner handbook for our community classes and are interested to know if anyone has anything similar they would like to share as an example?

     Many thanks!


Helena Porrelli

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Scottish Charity Number: SCO35775


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