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Social Science Research a Masterclass for Information Professionals

21st August 2018, Aston University 10:30 4:30

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         Do you support social science researchers and students as part of your role?

         Would you like to learn more about the best free resources and the most effective search techniques?


ALISS is pleased to offer a new workshop led by practitioners from a range of sectors who will offer practical advice and tips to get you started and update your skills. The emphasis will be on open access resources. Opportunities for hands-on practice will be provided throughout the day.


Workshops include:


Official Publications- Jennie Grimshaw, Service and Content Lead, Government and Official Information, The British Library


Official publications have been undervalued as a source of research information, yet governments and international organisations publish widely on economic and social subjects. Tracing these documents is much easier today than in the past as most are now available free on the Internet.  We will look at where you can find United Nations, Wold Bank, World Trade Organisation and OECD publications available online on open access and in full text. For the UK, we will focus on finding Parliamentary papers and related consultation and impact assessments through the lens of the policy cycle.


Unlocking Grey Literature Diane Bell, Research Librarian, City University

Some sources of literature may be considered unpublished, informally published or be non-standard academic literature e.g. theses, some conference proceedings, government reports, or documents from organisations working in your field of interest.  They may be relevant to your work but it may be challenging to locate them.  We will look at examples of some of these types of materials and explore how to find them where possible using freely available sources.


Planning ahead: delivering research data management support for the social sciences - John Southall, Bodleian Data Librarian, Bodleian Library

A key component of information literacy and scholarly practice is an awareness of research data management (RDM) and an understanding that academic libraries play a key role in its ongoing development. This ranges from issues of data discovery and access, advocacy of good practice in handling digital information and through to subsequent questions of data preservation. Many librarians are being drawn into a deeper involvement with scholarly practice by advising on these issues as they arise throughout a research project. This presentation will give some current examples of this within the Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford.



Free maths and statistics resources for supporting your students - Angela Evans,

Academic Skills Tutor (Study Skills), Staffordshire University.

Students are increasingly asking academic support librarians for general advice on how to handle and interpret statistics. This presentation will offer basic advice on handling such enquiries and explore freely available high quality academic resources that can be used.



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To book a place, contact:

Heather Dawson (ALISS secretary) [log in to unmask]



Social Science research a Masterclass for Information Professionals

21st August 2018

10.30 (registration) 16.15


Aston University Library



10.30 10.45 Registration and coffee

10.45 11.00 Welcome and Housekeeping

11.00 11.30 Official publications Jennie Grimshaw

11.30 12.00 Unlocking grey literature -Diane Bell

12.00 12.45 Hands-on session

12.45 13.30 Lunch

13.30 14.00 RDM John Southall

14.00 14.30 Free maths & stats for student support Angela Evans

14.30 14. 45 Tea

14.45 15.45 Hands-on session

15.45 Discussion and Round up


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