Among the retro symbols on the iPhone’s emoji keyboard is the humble
facsimile machine. But the fax machine holds a different place than the
transistor radio, the floppy disk, and the vintage picture tube: It is both
outdated and yet, for those who have to interact with the U.S. medical
system, not an ancient relic at all.

Right now in medical facilities across the country, surgeons,
obstetricians, GPs, nurses, and staff are placing physical medical records
in a tray, dialing in a number, pressing send, and hoping to avoid a paper
jam. If you’ve ever watched a medical drama, you’d be forgiven for thinking
that hospitals are full of cutting-edge technology, but the system is still
reliant on paper and fax, technologies that were cutting-edge 2,000 and 50
years ago, respectively.

Dallas, Tx
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