Hi everyone,

This summer BrumSciComm will be bringing science to CoCoMad, a community arts festival in Birmingham, on Saturday 7th July.

We are looking for volunteers to help us run science activities as part of the festival. The activities we are running includes science busking, where you will roam the festival with short, fun, intriguing demos and activities in the science tent, where we will be putting on longer hands on activities for children and families. We will be running these activities from 12pm and 7 pm on the day. It would be great if we can have you all day, but if you can’t commit to all of it that’s not a problem.

If you aren’t very experienced in delivering science activities, don’t worry – we will be running a training session from 6-8pm on Tuesday 3rd July at the University of Birmingham. 

If you would like to sign up to volunteer, you can get in touch with me on [log in to unmask].

Please note that we are looking for volunteers who are STEM Ambassadors as they are covered by public liability, but if you have cover for any other reasons please do get in touch.



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