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Post Doctoral Position: Neuronal mechanisms of cognition: multisensory convergence for learning and memory

Research Assistant or Associate position

Main Supervisor: Professor Christopher Petkov

Duration: The position is for 1 with extensions possible

Closing date: Applications will be evaluated until the closing date: August 21st, 2018

A post-doctoral position is available for a European Research Council funded program grant on neuronal mechanisms of cognition: multisensory convergence for learning and memory. The scientific work is a collaboration between Newcastle University Medical School, UK (Professors Christopher Petkov and Timothy Griffiths), the University of Iowa, USA (Department of Neurosurgery, led by Professor Matthew Howard III) and the University of Birmingham, UK (Profs. Ole Jensen and Simon Hanslmayr). The work will involve professionally conducted neurophysiological studies with primate models at Newcastle University. This work will be the primary focus, but the laboratory also works with neurosurgical patients at the University of Iowa and amnesic patients in Newcastle University which will complement the work in animal models.

The successful candidate will work on cutting edge behavioural, fMRI and electrophysiological experiments in nonhuman primates to study neural oscillations, cognition and multisensory integration using innovative learning and memory tasks. Some testing of cognitively impaired patients or neural recordings in patients being monitored for surgery would be possible and will help to translate to humans the mechanistic information that requires the work with animals. Cutting edge behavioural, neuroimaging and neurophysiological recording studies will be conducted, including neural system perturbation by stimulation or inactivation to establish causal relationships crucial for learning and memory.

The successful candidates will work in the laboratory of Prof. Christopher Petkov at Newcastle University Medical School in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. The ideal candidate will possess a PhD in neurobiology, or a related field, have a strong track record and experience with electrophysiological methods (e.g., EEG, MEG, extracellular recordings) or methods of stimulating the brain (e.g., optogenetics, TMS). Evidence of strong computational and technical skills is desired. Being able to work independently and professionally and collegially as part of a team is a must.

A PhD in neuroscience or a related field is required for appointment as a Research Associate, but we can also consider strong candidates close to completing their PhD. We seek an individual who already has evidence as a strong scientist, with strong technical and computing skills and a publication track record with demonstrated writing skills. Expertise involving behavioural and neurophysiological work in humans (e.g., EEG/MEG) or related techniques in other animals are strongly recommended.

Financial support is available for at least 1 year, with extensions possible.

Value of the Award: The salary is commensurate with post-doctoral experience. International applicants are encouraged to apply but will need to have obtained permission to work in the UK. Salary is paid in GBP and ranges from £29,301 - £33,183, which is highly competitive given the low cost of living at Newcastle in the UK.

How to Apply: Please submit a covering letter, full CV and the contact information of at least three individuals who can provide professional references. The covering letter should state how your interests and experience relate to the project and the laboratory work. The application documents can be submitted to [log in to unmask], please include ‘ERC Post-Doctoral Position’ in the subject field.

Further Information: To find out more about the position please contact [log in to unmask] or browse the laboratory website: University of Iowa Human Brain Research Laboratory: Website of Prof. Matthew Howard III, MD: Website of Ole Jensen: . Website of Simon Hanslmayr: .



Prof. Ole Jensen
Centre for Human Brain Health, University of Birmingham

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