Dear fellow WAN members

This callout invites you to have your derive or walking art suggestion/idea
included and advertised within capsules dispensed by Journey Dispensers:
large classic spiral gumball vending machines modified to dispense
round capsules filled with journey and walking ideas and suggestions

Send your submissions for prospective inclusion, to:
[log in to unmask] with the subject heading: '*JD Submission'*.

*Content of submissions*

- Very welcome are transferable suggestions and ideas that can apply across
locations *- *also, journey suggestions pertaining to new encounters and
interpersonal interactions within cultural environments.

- As my base of operations is in Oxford, walking/drift/journey ideas which
have a local connection to Oxford/Oxfordshire are particularly welcome.

- However, if you have a great journey suggestion for a particular location
which falls outside of Oxfordshire, submit it anyways - if enough
suggestions linked to a particular place are collected, a dispenser may
soon pop up near to you!

- Full attribution and advertisement of you and/or your practice and/or
organisation will be included with your journey suggestion within its
capsule. To that effect, please provide your name and relevant contact
information along with your proposal.

- Additionally, if you’d like participants to send photographs or report
back to you about their journey, please include the relevant request and
corresponding contact information along with your submission.

- As the journey suggestions are targeted at the general public they should
be written in plain English.

- Because of the size constraints of the capsules dispensed, texts
submitted need to come to no more than 275 words (inclusive of contact
information). Diagrams, maps and depictions are all welcome, if these (plus
all accompanying text) fit clearly and legibly onto an A6 paper size.


If you have further questions or concerns or wish to talk to me about the
project please email me at [log in to unmask]

Thank you for your interest; I really look forward to receiving your

Victor Buehring

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