Dear All


You will all be excited by the changes to data protection - GDPR.  I have
received the message below from JiscMail.  It explains some of the changes
to the road-transport-technology list to account for the new regulation.  If
you are interested in this topic, please read on.


David Cebon




This is the first of a few updates from the service on the General Data
Protection Regulations (GDPR), Jisc and JiscMail.


Jisc takes its data protection responsibilities seriously. On GDPR we have a
GDPR project team delivering a detailed project plan to implement GDPR for
Jisc. We have recently been audited and the auditor was impressed at our
approach (using the ICO 12 steps as our basic approach).  We are also
supporting the HE and FE sector with their GDPR approach through our website <> . We have recently set up
an HE FE GDPR working group made up of institution specialists and sector
leads and it includes a senior advisor from the ICO. Our plan is to produce
further sector guidance and will available from our website (link above).


JiscMail are working with Jisc's GDPR working group to ensure that our
services and policies meet new regulations and that you, as list owners, are
kept updated about the changes we are making.


===JiscMail and GDPR (so far)===


So far we have made the following changes to the service website, <> :

. At the footer of <>  we have
added links to JiscMail Service Policies, and Jisc's Privacy Policy,


. On list subscription request forms, we've added a statement to outline how
we use the information provided in the form. List subscription request forms
can be accessed via your list homepage and selecting the "subscribe or
unsubscribe" button. See,
<>  and select "subscribe or
unsubscribe" for an example of this page.

The statement reads: "The following information is needed for us to manage
your subscription to the JiscMail service. We'll use it, as described in our
standard privacy notice at, to
provide the service you've requested, as well as to identify problems or
ways to make the service better. We'll keep the information until we are
told that you no longer wish to subscribe."


. On every list homepage, we have added a new information box on the left
hand side underneath "Help & Support" to display the mailing list's Archive
privacy settings. You can view an example of this at
<>  - the archives for this
mailing list are set to PUBLIC.

An explanation of each type of archive setting can be found at:


We occasionally receive emails from subscribers who are not aware of list
privacy settings, they have found emails they've posted to mailing lists on
the internet and asked us why they're there. The list archive privacy
setting is determined by the list owner when the list is requested, and
confirmed back to list owner when a new list has been set up and handed
over. It is possible for us to make a change to the privacy setting of a
mailing list, or remove the archive feature completely - contact
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>  to make changes to this.


. In the Subscriber Management option on the website, (list management >
subscriber management) where list owners can search for, add and delete new
subscribers, all new subscribers are automatically issued with a
"subscription confirmation" email. The contents of this message have been
updated to include information about the service, JiscMail service policies,
Jisc's privacy policy, a privacy notice for your list (more about this
below) and information about getting started with the mailing list.


. If you complete a New List request form, you'll
see that we've added a statement to outline how we use the information you
provide in the list request form, we also refer to Jisc's privacy policy Then, when your mailing list
has been created, our new list handover email contains references to our
service policies and a default privacy notice for your new list. 


Other changes:

. We have updated the default "subscriber confirmation" email message (as
mentioned above). This email is issued to new subscribers when they
subscribe to, or are added to your list. This email links to Jisc's privacy
policy as well as describing the default list privacy notice.


However, if you have configured your own "subscriber confirmation" email for
your list then our default changes will *not* be applied to your list(s). In
which case, we recommend that you review your customised message and update
it to include a privacy notice, based  on our default notice. If you don't
know whether you have a customised template (or not) the quickest way to
check is to unsubscribe and re-subscribe yourself to your mailing list, and
you'll receive the "subscriber confirmation" email for your mailing list.


The default privacy notice is below (please note that in the actual
"subscriber confirmation" email, it will display the name of your list,
instead of LISTNAME):

"Privacy notice for LISTNAME

By using the LISTNAME your personal data (email address, name) may be used
by the list owner to manage your membership, support you in using this
mailing list, to identify problems or to make the mailing list better. 


If you post messages to this mailing list, be aware that any personal data
you share within your email (email address, name and signature information)
may be visible to others. To check who else may view your message and
personal data, check the mailing list archive privacy setting, which is
displayed at
<> .


Your email will continue to be subscribed to the mailing list until you ask
the list owner, or JiscMail Helpline to remove your details. Any email
messages you post to the mailing list will remain in the mailing list
web-accessible archives, until you ask the list owner, or JiscMail helpline
to remove these details."


For more information on privacy notices, see:
s-transparency-and-control/ and if you want to update the contents of your
privacy notice, please email [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
outlining the changes you wish to make.


. We have compiled a set of FAQs about JiscMail and GDPR, these are
available to read here:

And we will continue to update them.



==Changes not (yet) complete==


. Jisc's legal team are reviewing and helping us to update our service
policies to ensure they comply with GDPR. Any changes to these will be
communicated with you through this mailing list, and we will need you to
share these changes with your subscribers (by posting to your mailing


. Jisc's Service Desk Team will be making changes to the auto-reply you
receive when you send an email to [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> 



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