Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce several research openings at Postdoctoral and 
postgraduate (PhD) level in Computational Soft Matter Physics at the 
School of Physics, University College Dublin from June 1, 2018 or as 
soon as possible thereafter.

I would be grateful if you could forward the details below to anyone who 
might be interested.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Vladimir Lobaskin


EU H2020 and SFI-funded Postdoctoral opportunities at the School of 
Physics, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Postdoc positions: up to 4 years, salary from €36k p.a., start June 1 
2018 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The main task of the team is to build a database of nanomaterial (NM) 
properties and fill it with calculated data on common NMs to enable a 
prediction of NM toxicity and functionality. The particular tasks will 
include setting up a standalone software suite for calculation of 
physchem descriptors of NMs and biomolecules on a dedicated server, 
performing calculations of descriptors, and supporting the users of the 
software. The work will be done on collaboration with the existing team 
at UCD and with other project partners specialised in statistical 
modelling and informatics.

Candidates should have a background in computer simulation (atomistic 
MD, coarse-grained MD), statistical mechanics, biophysics or soft 
condensed matter. Programming experience is also essential.

Postdoctoral positions:

Two 4-year PhD positions available from September 1, 2018:
Apply to the team leader Dr. Vladimir Lobaskin
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