We are very pleased to announce the new 0.16 release of MNE-Python (http://martinos.org/mne/stable/).

A few highlights


Notable API changes


  • Channels with unknown locations are now assigned position [np.nan, np.nan, np.nan] instead of [0., 0., 0.],

  • Unknown measurement dates are now stored as info['meas_date'] = None rather than using the current date.

  • mne.Evoked.plot() will now append the number of epochs averaged for the evoked data in the first plot title

  • Changed the behavior of mne.io.Raw.pick_channels() and similar methods to be consistent with mne.pick_channels() to treat channel list as a set (ignoring order)

  • Changed the labeling of some plotting functions to use more standard capitalization and units, e.g. “Time (s)” instead of “time [sec]”

  • mne.time_frequency.csd_epochs has been refactored into mne.time_frequency.csd_fourier() and mne.time_frequency.csd_multitaper()

  • The functions lcmv, lcmv_epochs, and lcmv_raw are now deprecated in favor of mne.beamformer.make_lcmv() and mne.beamformer.apply_lcmv(), mne.beamformer.apply_lcmv_epochs(), and mne.beamformer.apply_lcmv_raw()

For a full list of improvements and API changes, see:


To install the latest release the following command should do the job:

pip install --upgrade --user mne

As usual we welcome your bug reports, feature requests, critiques, and


Some links:

- https://github.com/mne-tools/mne-python (code + readme on how to install)

- http://martinos.org/mne/stable/ (full MNE documentation)

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mne_news


The MNE-Python developers

People who contributed to this release (in alphabetical order):

* Alejandro Weinstein

* Alexandre Gramfort

* Annalisa Pascarella

* Anne-Sophie Dubarry

* Britta Westner

* Chris Bailey

* Chris Holdgraf

* Christian Brodbeck

* Claire Braboszcz

* Clemens Brunner

* Daniel McCloy

* Denis A. Engemann

* Desislava Petkova

* Dominik Krzemiński

* Eric Larson

* Erik Hornberger

* Fede Raimondo

* Henrich Kolkhorst

* Jean-Remi King

* Jen Evans

* Joan Massich

* Jon Houck

* Jona Sassenhagen

* Juergen Dammers

* Jussi Nurminen

* Kambiz Tavabi

* Katrin Leinweber

* Kostiantyn Maksymenko

* Larry Eisenman

* Luke Bloy

* Mainak Jas

* Marijn van Vliet

* Mathurin Massias

* Mikolaj Magnuski

* Nathalie Gayraud

* Oleh Kozynets

* Phillip Alday

* Pierre Ablin

* Stefan Appelhoff

* Stefan Repplinger

* Tommy Clausner

* Yaroslav Halchenko