UKeiG is pleased to announce that its Annual General Meeting and 2018
Members' Day will be held at CILIP's headquarters in London on Tuesday 26th
June 2018 - 10:30am to 5:00pm. (UKeiG members can attend the AGM between
1.45 pm and 2.15 pm for free. There is a small charge for attending the
entire day. The event is also open to non-members.)

Presentations include:

*Using Geographic Information Systems' Data in Libraries (David Rowe)
*The Intelligent Library (James Clay)
*The CILIP Privacy Project (Jacqueline May)
*Wikipedia in the context of the information profession (John Lubbock)
*The CILIP Benovolent Fund (Richard Osborn)

Refreshments will be served on arrival, with lunch at 1 pm. There will be
networking opportunities with drinks and canapés served at 4.15, with a 5
pm close.

David Rowe writes: 'My presentation will introduce trusted sources of GIS
data that can be used to enhance our systems and data reporting, and help
in creating services that can adapt to changing geographic needs. It will
also cover how making our own data open can lead to it being discovered in
new ways, and used in new contexts.'

'There's been plenty of hype over artificial intelligence and the internet
of things,' says James Clay. 'It's time to put aside the cynicism that this
kind of hype generates and look seriously at how we can take advantage of
these emerging technologies to improve the student experience and build an
intelligent library. Most smartphones now make use of artificial
intelligence to make contextual recommendations based on an individual’s
location and interests. Could libraries take advantage of this technology
to push information and learning resources to students? If we could, it
offers some interesting possibilities.'

Jacqueline May will update on the CILIP Privacy Project. 'Privacy and
confidentiality have always been fundamental to CILIP’s Code of Ethics.
Information professionals have to a certain extent been bypassed in the
design and implementation of systems which collect and manage personal
information. The purpose of this CILIP project is to find out how CILIP can
best support and advise information and library workers, managers and
leaders to ensure that the privacy of the personal data of users is
protected. This session will give you a brief outline of the project, some
key findings from the evidence and a brief look at the recommendations.'

John Lubbock, Communications Coordinator at Wikimedia UK, will present on
the intersection of Wikipedia and libraries, the work of Wikimedia UK
around the country, and how librarians can engage with that work.

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