We are delighted to announce an exciting opportunity for new graduates to
solve real-world problems in NLP and data visualisation working closely
with academic and industrial experts in these fields.

Signal Media Ltd is in partnership with The University of Essex to develop
insight extraction and visualisation techniques to convert a stream of
unstructured textual documents, e.g. news articles, into easily digestible
information and present it in novel ways.

We are looking for someone who can understand client's challenges, propose
methods to solve problems, experiment with alternatives and implement a
solution that could be deployed in a production environment. Team work and
learning are two of the pillars for this position and for this reason, we
are looking for individuals who are open-minded, inquisitive and have the
desire to learn new skills from everyone in the company.

The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree combining data
science, NLP, and/or Human Computer Interaction, with familiarity of NLP,
ML, and data visualisation tools.

Signal has created a platform for analysing text and discovering market
intelligence. Our large-scale text analytics system (currently processing
more than 2 million documents a day in real-time) unlocks knowledge and
insights from unstructured textual data using diverse text analytics and
machine learning components. For instance, we apply de-duplication methods
to group similar articles from different publications or entity
disambiguation so that we can identify if, for example, a mention of
"Iceland" refers to the retail company or the country. Our media monitoring
product, built on top of our technology, is enabling organisations to solve
real-time complex information challenges (e.g. "All the news related to
IPOs of European technology companies").

The Human Language Technology research group in the School of Computer
Science and Electronic Engineering and the interdisciplinary Language and
Computation (LAC) group cover a large field of research interests ranging
from theoretical to practical applications. We have a 40-year tradition of
research in natural language processing, and some of our current interests
include information extraction, text summarisation, Arabic NLP,
crowdsourcing, gamification, information retrieval and questions about how
to deal with fake news and hate speech. We have strong links with industry
partners and you can find out more about our first joint project with
Signal Media here:


(please note that Signal will top up the advertised salary with London

Dr. Dyaa Albakour
Senior Data Scientist | Signal Media

07891104237 | @signalHQ
Signal, 5th Floor, 32-38 Leman Street, London, E1 8EW

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