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We want to share some news from the GNHRE with you.


First, we are excited about a very special GNHRE event to be held at the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law in Glasgow, Scotland on July 6 at 9:15. The session,  entitled “Integration of Special Rapporteurs Procedures Beyond the UN,"  will be in conjunction with the appearance of the Special Rapporteurs later that day. Key themes include governance and human rights, business and human rights, and limitations of human rights approaches to environmental protection.

Mr John Knox, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, as well as Mr Baskut Tuncak, the UN Special Rapporteur on the implications of the environmentally sound management and disposal of hazardous substances and wastes, will participate in the discussion, led by GNHRE members Sam Adelman, Erin Daly, Carmen Gonzalez, Louis Kotzé, Ole W Pedersen, and Sara Seck. 

The session will explore concrete ways in which the work of the Special Rapporteurs may be utilised, and how the work influences and is influenced by the UN system and the world beyond it. This includes its relevance for teaching, scholarship, environmental human rights ‘activism’ and litigation.

We warmly invite any members who will be in Glasgow to attend this session; if you would like to participate in the planning for this event, please contact Erin Daly at [log in to unmask]  or Sara Seck at [log in to unmask]. 

Here is the IUCNAEL website:

We hope to see many of you there. This is also a good chance for GNHRE members to get together in person!



We are embarking on an ambitious effort to revitalize and expand the research repository on the website. We are especially keen to include recent scholarship and scholarship from the Global South. Please contact Evadne Grant at [log in to unmask] if you would like to help with this effort or if you have scholarship to include.




We are continually expanding opportunities for communication and engagement among our members. Last year we worked hard to renovate the websiteso that it is more interesting and more useful to members. We continue to invite you check it often and to send anything you would like to have posted in the community pages to Dina Townsend at [log in to unmask].


In addition, we’ve started a Twitter feed. Please send anything you would like to see in the twitterverse to Hector Herrera at  [log in to unmask].


And finally, we are exploring ways to start a YouTube channel. Please contact Ana Lucia Maya Aguirre at [log in to unmask] if you would like to help out with that.




Please encourage your colleagues to join the GNHRE; you can send nominations to Louis Kotze ([log in to unmask]) or Sara Seck ([log in to unmask]). Nominations for emerging scholars should be sent to Josh Gellers ([log in to unmask]).





From May 14th-18th 2018, the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, successor to the post-War Russell Tribunal, held a session on ‘Fracking, Human Rights and Climate Change’. For the first time in an international forum fracking was brought together explicitly with climate change and human rights violations in an extended examination by leading international jurists sitting in judgment on the evidence and arguments presented. This PPT was unprecedented in two other respects. First, this session of the PPT considered the rights of nature alongside, and contextualising, human rights arguments. Secondly, also for the first time, the entire hearing was conducted online, making this PPT session the most inclusive and accessible session ever held. A permanent record of all the sessions is publicly available via this link:


The Tribunal drew together an exceptionally rich and well-qualified group of people, including The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment, John Knox; Robin Wall Kimmerer, Director of the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment, Cormac Cullinan, communities affected by fracking; and an array of other human rights activists, lawyers and scholars as well as rights for nature advocates and scholars. The judges have now retired, complete with all the information and evidence—which will include a fully transcribed court document of all the sessions—to reflect on their verdict, due to be delivered sometime in September 2018. 


The PPT was the result of a lot of behind the scenes work by Tom Kerns (Director: Environment and Human Rights Advisory) in partnership with members of the GNHRE and the Human Rights Consortium, London—and arose as a direct result of a partnership between these three organisations. The PPT was also accompanied by a lecture series, the Bedrock lectures, bringing together a wide range of thinkers, activists, film makers and others to address the tribunal’s theme: The line up includes Mary Wood, Josh Fox, Anthony Ingrafia, Bill McKibben, Kathleen Dean Moore and others—including Anna Grear of the GNHRE.


We look forward to seeing you in Scotland, and at other events in the coming months!


GNHRE Core Team

Sam Adelman

Tim Blackman
Peter Burdon

Erin Daly 

Oliver Fuo

Josh Gellers

Carmen Gonzalez

Evadne Grant

Anna Grear

Hector Herrera

Louis Kotze

Rosemary Lyster

Ana Lucia Maya Aguirre

Daniel Pallangyo

Ole Windahl Pedersen

Sara Seck

Dina Lupin Townsend


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