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Iíve been contacted by the above organisation and offered to circulate info about two opportunities they currently have available. Iím merely the messenger Ė please visit their website for more info


The Stained Glass Museum in Ely is looking for an Evaluation Consultant and a Masterplan Consultant to support its resilience project helping it diversify / respond to more diverse audiences. Closing date 25 May / 14 June respectively. Full details here - http://stainedglassmuseum.com/job_vacancies.html


The Evaluation consultant will need to:

         Devise a framework for evaluation of this project, which is capable of delivering on HLF evaluation criteria;

         Identify indicators for the project and evaluate progress and outcomes against the stated aims and objectives;

         Attend key Project Progress meetings, selected facilitated training sessions and stakeholder consultation sessions to observe, analyse and evaluate success of project at key intervals, and ensure that effective evaluation techniques are incorporated into all elements of the project;

         Where necessary, speak to / meet with key individuals involved in the project, including the Consultant for the Masterplan project, Chairman of the Project Advisory Committee, Curator and others, to undertake regular evaluation reviews;

         Submit progress reports to the HLF as per agreed deadlines and terms and conditions of funding;

         Assist with the delivery of consultation/focus groups;

         Collate and analyse evaluation material and ensure that a final evaluation report is submitted to the HLF at the end of the project as per agreed deadlines and terms and conditions of funding;

         Produce an interim evaluation report and final evaluation report for Trustees at the end of the project in April 2020.

Fee: £5,000+VAT including all expenses.


The masterplan document should, informed by an assessment of the current museum environment, visitor offer and facilities, address three main needs or aims for the future, to:
(1)     improve access to the museum, its collections and associated learning and events programme, and reach wider audiences;
(2)     provide adequate and more suitable space for learning, and the display and storage of the museum's internationally-significant collections in a controlled environment;
(3)     improve visitor and staff facilities.

The masterplan should present analysis of options and implications, evidence of stakeholder consultation and recommendations based on how far each option meets the identified needs above, seeking to develop the museumís overall capacity, future resilience and financial sustainability.

Fee: £30,000+VAT including all expenses.



Sally Fort
Consultant: Cultural Projects

Usual working days: Tuesday-Friday


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