We have students with scribes in individual rooms but for readers we have small numbers in a room with shared reading support.



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Hi everyone

Please could you share with me whether you have learners in the same room in different corners who need one to one readers or scribes instead of separate rooms, reading the ICE guidelines it seems to suggest not but would welcome your thoughts:


Reader/Computer reader The centre is responsible for ensuring that the candidate and reader cannot be overheard by, or distract other candidates. (This will also apply if the candidate uses a computer reader.) Where the candidate and reader are accommodated in another room, on a one to one basis, the invigilator may additionally act as the reader. Where candidates require only occasional words or phrases to be read, three or four candidates may share one reader. The candidate will need to put up their hand or use a prompt card when he/she needs help with reading. If the group is accommodated in another room a separate invigilator will be required





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