Hello everyone,

I am a learning officer for the National Museum of the Royal Navy here in Portsmouth, we are currently looking at how we can use skype or an equivalent  as part of our formal learning offer to work with schools and other formal learners who might necessarily be able to visit our historic ships (HMS Victory, M.33 and HMS Warrior) and museums here in Portsmouth and Gosport and more widely across the UK. 

We have tried a number of sessions before with varying results but would like to offer this on a more regular basis. 

I was wondering if you could advise whether using  Skype attracts schools to book especially those who can’t travel to your site due to distance and cost? 

What are the pros and cons of using it as part of your formal learning offer? 

Any top tips for using Skype / or an equivalent for a video-based session 

How do you structure your sessions and duration of session? 

Any pricing structures used ? is there a charge for this

How popular is it in terms of schools booking? 

How do you market your skype offer to schools and other learning groups?

Any help would be appreciated

Happy to collate responses!

Thank you

Kind Regards


Daniel Ball
Engagement and Learning Officer
T: 02392 891370Ext: 2014
W: www.nmrn.org.uk  
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