Dear Colleagues,

As a pioneer in the field of Media Arts research, the ARCHIVE OF DIGITAL ART (ADA) documents the rapidly evolving field of digital art forms for almost two decades now. This complex, research-oriented overview of works at the intersection of art, science, and technology has been developed in cooperation with international media artists, researchers and institutions, as a collective project.

Watch our new video on the transdisciplinary research in Digital Art, based on ADA's interconnected data infrastructure.

Today’s digital artworks are processual, ephemeral, interactive, multimedia-based and fundamentally context dependent. Thus requiring a modified, we call it an ‘expanded concept of documentation‘, ascribing high importance to artistic inventions like innovative interfaces, displays or software. ADA ensures high academic standards and represents artist and scholar contributors with at least five published articles and/or exhibitions from relevant fields. The ADA community contributes and encodes their user-generated visual and textual documents in this open access research database.

A collaborative and social living archive, the mission of the Archive of Digital Art (ADA) is to document the ever-changing world of Media Artalso called Digital Art or New Media Artand its related disciplines from the mid-20th century to today.

The ADA Team
Department for Image Science
Digital Humanities Lab
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