Richard Sakwa, Study Day, Russia, One Hundred Years of Fortitude and Solitude (Details below)
Stonehill House, OX14 4AA  Saturday 23rd June 11.00 - 5.00pm

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31 May -
28 June





Other events:


Russia: One Hundred Years of Fortitude and Solitude
Richard Sakwa,
University of Kent
Saturday 23rd June 11.00 - 5.00pm
Stonehill House, OX14 4AA
According to one influential commentator, Vladislav Surkov, Russia faces ‘one hundred years of solitude’: once again Russia will have to find its own path to the future and will have to rely on itself to develop. Many believe that the problem lies in Vladimir Putin’s leadership, but any new leader will face the same problem of reconciling the many different views of Russia’s future, which veer from the apocalyptic to the benign. But the fundamental question is whether Russia can manage the change from managed to liberal democracy without another revolution.
(including whole day of talks, lunch and afternoon tea) 

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20% off service fees for visas to Russia in 2018
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Valid for Russian visas lodged before 31.12.2018
Please contact Ricardo’s Team at Scott’s, quoting “Pushkin House 2018”
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Ricardo direct – 02075543702
Krista direct – 02075543757

Book Launch for the extraordinary
Death of the Vazir-Mukhtar

Wednesday 13 June
6.00PM – 9.00PM
at Pushkin HOUSE 

Please join us to celebrate the launch of the first complete English translation of Yuri Tynianov’s Death of the
Vazir-Mukhtar, described by the French poet Louis Aragon as “the most extraordinary historical novel one
could read.” Telling the story of the last months of Alexander Griboyedov, writer and diplomat in Pushkin-era
Russia, we believe this whirling, immersive novel is one of the greatest works to emerge from the creative
maelstrom of the early Soviet Union. 
by emailing
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Nostalgic Cabaret with Alexia Mankovskaya
8 June 2018 
7.30pm - 9.30pm
The Tabernacle Theatre
35 Powis Square 
Nostalgic Cabaret brings you back to the enchanting music of the beginning of the XX century, featuring spanish and russian tango and well known tunes from the 2nd World War period like Lili Marlene and We’ll meet again.
You will make a charming journey through beginning of the 20 century, led by singer and actress Alexia Mankovskaya.
Beautiful songs, performed by world class musicians, champagne and canapés will create an unforgettable evening which you will want to remember.

Youth on the March
30 May 2018
Regent Street Cinema
307 Regent Street, London W1B 2HW
Special prize winner at the 15th Moscow Film Festival, Shakhnazarov’s witty comedy, a Russian equivalent of The Breakfast Club, follows teenager Ivan Miroshnikov, who dealing with his parents’ divorce and failing to make it into university, get a job as a delivery boy. He is ironic, careless, provocative. He meets Adidas clad Katya, daughter of a famous professor. He falls for her. They start to date but his interest in her fades when he realises she isn’t really a rebel. He returns to his old friends, and the certainty of being called up for the draft.
Youth on the March is a season presented by Kino Klassika



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Victoria Lomasko
Curator Elena Zaytseva
Only 2 days to go until closing!


Exhibition open mon-sat 11am-5pm with closures on some days - please check  <> website for more details.

 <> Sasha Ilyukevich & The Highly Skilled Migrants. Russophone Post Punk and Folk Rock
Thursday 31 May 2018 7.00PM – 9.00PM
Sasha Ilyukevich & the Highly Skilled Migrants create an incomparable brew of post punk electric energy and folk lyricism. Ilyukevich writes songs in Russian to capture the essence of Eastern-Slavic heritage but also translates his lyrics to English to convey the ideas behind his songs and share the nuances of language and emotion. Come and join us to dance and take in the tunes.  <> READ MORE & BOOK
 <> Pushkin Through English Poets
Tuesday 5 June 2018 7.30PM – 9.00 PM
This year Pushkin’s birth is celebrated at Pushkin House with a bilingual reading – a poem for each year of his writing life, from the age of fourteen to thirty-six . A different translator has been chosen for each poem, representing the wide variety  of responses to Pushkin during the twentieth century and the present time: by such as Carol Ann Duffy, Seamus Heaney, Christopher Reid, Elaine Feinstein, Eavan Boland, Michael Frayn and others. In English and Russian.   <> READ MORE & BOOK
 <> Robert Chandler: Monthly Translation Workshop
Friday 8 June 2018 7.30PM - 9.00PM
Pushkin House's monthly workshop, led by top translator Robert Chandler. All translators, at any stage of their careers, are welcome to attend this Russian-to-English translation workshop; the only requirement is fluent English and a good reading knowledge of Russian.
In English (with some Russian).  <> READ MORE & BOOK 
 <> Pushkin House Music Salon: Tchaikovsky and Chopin by Leeds Competition Winner, Anna Tsybuleva
Sunday 10 June 2018 4.00PM – 6.00PM
We are proud to announce the return of Anna Tsybuleva to Pushkin House, triumphant winner of England’s most prestigious piano competition in 2015. This is a rare opportunity to hear ‘a pianist of a rare gifts’ (International Piano Magazine) in London. In addition to Tchaikovsky’s Seasons, Anna will play a selection of works by Frederic Chopin.  <> READ MORE & BOOK
 <> Artemy Troitsky on Viktor Tsoy: Nostalgic Symbol or Future Hero?
Monday 11 June 2018 7.00PM – 8.30PM
In 2018 no less than 3 biopics about Viktor Tsoy, killed in a car crash in 1990, will be released in Russia! Why so many, why now, and who is Viktor Tsoy? A talk with Artemy Troitsky, journalist, culturologist (Back in the USSR, Tusovka, SUBKULTURA) and personal friend of Tsoy's. In English.  <> READ MORE & BOOK
 <> Pushkin House Wine Club: Wine at the Time of Pushkin
Thursday 14 June 2018 7.00PM - 9.00PM
This June we will revisit the time when the high society of Russia enjoyed the very best the gastronomic world of the 19th Century could offer. Pushkin, the founder of modern Russian literature, was among those who were blessed with a fine palate and could fully appreciate the great culinary delights from around the world and Russia. Let’s take a peek into Pushkin’s world of wine and compare it with our own. The similarities and differences are fascinating. In English and Russian.  <> READ MORE & BOOK
 <> Yulia Chaplina and Jonathan Deakin - French Music: Debussy, Bizet, Saint-Saëns, Ravel
Sunday 17 June 2018 1.00PM – 2.00PM
To mark 100 years since Debussy's death, acclaimed pianists Yulia Chaplina and Jonathan Deakin will perform a concert of classical French music featuring such composers as Debussy, Ravel, Bizet and Saint-Saëns.  <> READ MORE & BOOK
 <> Классика для детей - Французская Музыка: Часть I Равель И Дебюсси
Sunday 17 June 2018 3.00PM – 4.00PM
"Классика для детей" - музыкальный абонемент классической музыки, разработанный лауреатами многих международных конкурсов, профессиональными музыкантами Лондонского ансамбля Gamma Majoris & Friends при поддержке Tchaikovsky London Music Schoo нацелен на привлечение интереса детей (5+) к музыкальным инструментам и классической музыке. Для детей от 5+. На русском языке. <>  READ MORE & BOOK
 <> Screening: the Satirikon Theatre's the Seagull by Anton Chekhov
Sunday 24 June 2018 1.30PM – 5.30PM
Back by popular demand is a screening of the Satirikon Theatre's  production of The Seagull. Anton Chekhov’s first of four major plays dramatizes the romantic and artistic conflicts between its four main characters: Boris Trigorin, a well-known writer, the ingenue Nina, the fading actress Irina Arkadina, and her son the would-be playwright Konstantin Tréplev. In Russian (with English subtitles). <>  READ MORE & BOOK
 <> Pushkin the Opera: Marita Phillips in Conversation with Sasha Dugdale
Thursday 28 June 2018 7.00PM – 8.30PM
Marita Phillips is the great-great-great granddaughter of both Pushkin and Nicholas I. She has spent many years writing the libretto for Pushkin - The Opera, which will premiere in the UK on July 11th and 12th at Grange Park Opera, with a score by Russian composer Konstantin Boyarsky. Join us to learn the background of the opera in a conversation between Marita Phillips and poet and writer Sasha Dugdale.  <> READ MORE & BOOK
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