Hi all

I recently asked for contributions to a survey about WebPA, and I said I'd post the results back here. I've thrown them into a Google doc and summarised them quickly here:

19 responses from 17 institutions

The large majority of institutions are running the latest and prior release, although usage is in small pockets. There is a small majority with those using LTI to connect to the VLE versus direct access to WebPA. The majority plan to keep WebPA running, however this comes with concerns; the most common relating to lack of support and updates which are creating security concerns. Just about everyone would like to see WebPA developed further, and a large minority have done their own development work on the platform, many of who would be willing to contribute some development resource.

A number of you have offered development support, and although I can't contribute to that I'm willing to help join people together, so I'll contact those of you who said yes to this and confirm if you are happy for me to pass on your details to others. I have no idea if anything can come from this but thank you for responding.



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