Dear all

An instructor here at Newcastle is experiencing problems creating and editing a new assessment form in WebPA via Blackboard.  The form crashed when she first created it, and now when she or I as sys admin attempt to open the form for editing the wizard throws an error message 'The given assessment form failed to load so this wizard cannot be started.'

It is possible to create and edit a new form in the same WebPA link, but the instructor would now like to delete the broken form to avoid any confusion.  When she or I try to delete the form the confirmation message shows as normal, but once you click OK the Existing Forms page simply reloads and the form is not deleted. 

Has anyone on the list come across this error when trying to edit a form in WebPA?  Any advice about how to remove the broken duplicate form would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Dr Rebecca Gill
Project Officer
Learning and Teaching Development Service
Newcastle University 

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