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Margarita, thanks for requesting this early article, and Sophia, thanks for posting it. I start my unit on space syntax in my “environmental design & society” class tomorrow, so having this entry pop up is pure serendipity and a heartening reminder of the core of the theory. One forgets how clear, forceful, and to the point Bill and Julienne’s early presentations of space syntax were. Great pleasure to reread this piece from the early days when space-syntax theory was its own complete self without all the accoutrements that crop up today, many of them distracting and, in my mind, unnecessary.


David Seamon


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Dear Margarita,


Here it is. 






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Dear space syntax list


Does any of you have a pdf version of Bill’s chapter “Against Enclosure”?

I would appreciate if you could share it with me…. to share it with my students…

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