Participating in the 2018 ALARA workshop on, ‘Where do we go from here in contributing to The Action Learning and Action Research Legacyfor Transforming Social Change?’  University of Vermont, USA 17-20June 2018.
Calling all LivingTheory researchers who want to:


   - share their inquiries of the kind, ‘How do I improve what I am doing with values and understandings that are transforming social change?’,   

   - renew connections and make new ones with those who share a desire to express life-enhancing values as fully as possible by researching their educational practice to understand, improve and explain it and,   

   - contribute to a social movement that can transform social change to bring into being a world in which humanity can flourish.   


People from around theworld have been contributing to a conversation of an international community ofliving theory researchers begun at the ARNA conference in 2015. Since then theconversation has continued during various events where people have contributedthrough their living-posters (latest can be accessed from and some have also been able to join through SKYPE orbeen present in person. The successful workshop proposal from Jack Whitehead,Jacqueline Delong and Marie Huxtable can be accessed from , on Where do we go from here in contributing to ‘TheAction Learning and Action Research Legacy for Transforming Social Change?’ at the ALARA World Congress 2018 in Vermont offers an opportunity for usto continue the conversation.


Whether or not youwill be in Vermont, or can connect through SKYPE, you can still have apresence and help spread globally the influence of knowledge that carries hopefor the flourishing of humanity by sending me ASAP or by 17th May:


1.            Examplesof your published accounts where you have researched into something importantto you with questions of the form, ‘How do I…?’ and included values-basedexplanations of your educational influence in learning. Send us PDF or WORDfiles of papers/chapters/presentations or prepublication drafts that don’tbreach copyright and/or urls for where your published work can be accessed.


2.     Your individualliving-poster and posters of groups and networks of which you are a member.

Although only a few people can take part inthe event in person or through SKYPE we can extend the possibilities of newconnections being made by drawing attention to your work and making itavailable at and after the event if you:


i.      Create and upload an approximately 2-3 minutevideo-clip to YouTube of you that communicates the essentials of your context,interests, values as the explanatory principles and living standards ofjudgment to which you hold yourself accountable in your practice and researchpassions.


ii.    Send us your living-poster, a pdf of an attractive A4‘flier’ which includes brief details of the following: context, interests,ontological and relational values that motivate you, research passions, detailsof a few of your key publications, the url to your website if you have one,your contact details and the url to your YouTube video. For examples anddetails visit If you already have a living-poster we will link yourprevious one/s to your new one.


If you have problems,such as with videoing or uploading to YouTube, or questions please don’thesitate to get in contact.


Do please circulatethis note to other Living Theory researchers you know who might like tocontribute.


Looking forward tohearing from you with your living-poster by 17th May and in the meantime, hope you can enjoy a smile and passit on.


Marie Huxtable PhD, MEd (Ed Psych)

Visiting Research Fellow, University of CumbriaWebsite the Educational Journal of Living Theories (EJOLTS) at: . Access and participate in the EJOLTS Open Review Process and Community SpaceVisit the Living Posters and find and join other community members

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