Dear Colleagues,

Research Project: ‘Care-free at the top’? Exploring the experiences of senior academic staff who are caregivers

We are contacting you regarding a new project about academic staff with caring responsibilities: ‘Care-free at the top’? Exploring the experiences of senior academic staff who are caregivers. The project is based at the University of Roehampton and is funded by the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE).

The research aims to understand the experiences of *England-based senior academics with caring responsibilities*. For the purpose of this study, ‘carer’ is understood in a broad sense, e.g. including those who care for children or for other relatives, partners or friends who are elderly, disabled or in poor health. Likewise, ‘senior academic’ refers to members of senior leadership teams at departmental and central level (e.g. Professor, Head of Department or Faculty, Director of Research, Pro-Vice Chancellor or Chancellor, to cite only a few examples).

As part of this project, we are seeking to interview 20 participants. The interviews will be conducted by a member of the research team by phone. They will last about 45 minutes and will be audio-recorded, unless of course participants object.

This project has received ethical approval from the Ethics Committee at Roehampton. Anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed in both data collection and reporting of the findings.

If you are interested in taking part in an interview, please send us an email at the following address: [log in to unmask]. If you feel comfortable doing so, please indicate your gender, ethnicity, your position and the nature of your caring responsibilities. Before you make a final decision, we will send you some more detailed information on the project and will be able to answer your questions.

In anticipation, thank you.

With best wishes

Marie-Pierre Moreau (PI)
Murray Robertson (Researcher)

Dr Marie-Pierre Moreau
Reader in Sociology of Education
Director, RISE research centre:
School of Education
University of Roehampton | London | SW15 5PJ

Most recent publications:
Moreau, M.P. & Robertson, M. (2017) Carers and careers: Career development and access to leadership positions among academic staff with caring responsibilities. London: Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

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