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If you are planning to attend CAiSE 2018 in Tallinn or happen to be in the area on June 12th consider participating in the discussions at

4th International Workshop on Socio-Technical Perspective in IS development (STPIS'18)

The workshop has an unusual format:

- Half of the day is devoted to paper presentations made in a high tempo. The list of accepted papers will be posted on the workshop site soon.
- The other half is devoted to collaborative working on a real case from the local industry. To get a grasp on how it is done check a report on the last year exercise at:

Note that we still accept poster submissions (until 1st May)

The workshop is attached to CAiSE'18 conference

Full description of the workshop see at

Short description is presented below

If you are interested, please, register at indicating STPIS'18 as your choice for 12th of June
Despite that a socio-technical perspective has been around for over a half century, it is often forgotten in the Information Systems (IS) discourse today. Consequently, many “new approaches” appear to reflect on IS systems problems, such as modern IT systems poorly adjusted to the external or/and internal environment (e.g. market, organizational culture) of organizations in which they are (to be) deployed. We strongly believe that it is high time the social-technical perspective took its proper place in IS research, practice and teaching.

The main purpose of the workshop is to arrange discussions on using a socio-technical perspective in IS development, the long term goal being to make this workshop a meeting place for the community of IS researchers and practitioners interested in the socio-technical approach.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

   * Case studies using socio-technical approach
   * Information system design using socio-technical approach
   * Socio-technical comparative studies of technology/IS adoption
   * Socio-technical analysis, design, development and integration of
    – health care systems
    – crisis management systems
    – information security management systems
    – learning systems
    – privacy enhanced technology
   * Societal Security from a socio-technical perspective
   * Ethnographic and Anthropological aspects of IS design and adoption
   * IT business alignment from a socio-technical perspective
   * Using Viable System Model (VSM) for analysis and design of socio-technical systems

Organizing committee
Stewart Kowalski, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway,  - general chair
Peter Bednar, School of Computing, University of Portsmouth, UK - program chair
Ilia Bider – DSV, Stockholm University/Ibissoft, Stockholm, Sweden - publicity chair

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