i just saw the announcement.  A superb idea and how great to name it for Anne, who has helped so many of us, whether we were graduate students or not, in so many ways!  Bill

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Yes, indeed -- amen to that, I too preach to the choir!   Thanks from me also to those who created this award, to Anne, and to this whole community of her admirers.


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Dear Tiffany and all,
What a stroke of genius to name the Graduate Student Paper Prize for Anne Lake Prescott.  Mentoring like hers is at the heart of our profession, and nobody I know has done that work better or more graciously than Anne.  I remember watching Anne give one of her wise and witty responses to a paper in Milwaukee recently, and watching a young graduate student watching her, and it suddenly struck me that our graduate students—and especially the young women among them—don’t just want to be like Anne Prescott.   They want to be Anne.   She is a Cyrus, and the best of Cyruses.
Kudos to the Spenser Society and warmest congratulations to Anne.
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Subject: Announcement for the inaugural International Spenser Society Anne Lake Prescott Graduate Student Conference Paper Prize
Dear members of the Sidney-Spenser community, 
It gives me great pleasure to share with you on behalf of the International Spenser Society the guidelines for the newly instituted International Spenser Society Anne Lake Prescott Graduate Student Conference Paper Prize (http://www.english.cam.ac.uk/spenseronline/iss/). The International Spenser Society, in collaboration with the editors of the Spenser Review, is delighted to announce our first bi-annual Graduate Student Conference Paper Prize. In order to cultivate and advance the next generation of Spenser scholarship, this award recognizes a distinguished paper on any aspect of Edmund Spenser’s life and works presented by a graduate student at a scholarly conference in the previous two academic years. The author will receive an honorarium and a citation at the annual International Spenser Society luncheon at the MLA, and the text of the prize-winning paper may be published in a future issue of the Spenser Review. In addition, the recipient of the prize will receive mentorship from members of the prize selection committee as well as the editors of the Spenser Review as they prepare their papers for publication. 
Papers eligible for consideration must be: (1) 8-12 double-spaced pages in length, including notes; (2) written by a student enrolled in a graduate degree program at the time the paper was delivered; and (3) presented to an audience at a scholarly conference, whether international, national, regional, or graduate student-run, between May 2016 and May 2018. Relevant images from the conference presentation may be included. Submissions for this year's prize should be sent to [log in to unmask] no later than May 31, 2018. Winners will be notified in early September 2018 and announced at the International Spenser Society Luncheon at the MLA conference. 
For those of you who wish to support graduate students in pursuit of the study of Spenser, please note that the prize will be accepting earmarked donations. A dedicated button will be shortly available for secure donation via the ISS Pay Pal portal that also serves as the portal for annual donations to the Society and annual luncheon registration:  http://www.english.cam.ac.uk/spenseronline/account/signup/?next=/spenseronline/welcome/
I’d like to thank the current, and immediate past members, of the executive committee for their help in instituting this prize. I’d also like to thank Doug Knox for updating our web page and for his ever quick and ready response to technical questions. We are pleased to name the prize in honour of Anne Lake Prescott, who received a unanimous committee vote for her warmth, engagement, and ever insightful, witty responses to papers at conferences that have helped many a young Spenserian find his or her shield or dragon wings. We're honoured to have future students continue to benefit from her mentoring through this award. 
Please distribute this announcement widely to any and all of your networks for colleagues and students. 
with best regards, 
Tiffany Jo Werth
Tiffany Jo Werth, Associate Professor
University of California, Davis
Department of English, 214 Voorhies Hall
One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616
President, International Spenser Society 

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