We are seeking an experienced MEG Analyst to work on the development of MEG
analysis software for pre-surgical epilepsy analysis.  This specialist will
play an important role in our team's collaboration and help ensure the
clinical relevance of our work. This is a part-time, flexible role with the
advantages of working remotely on a consulting basis.

Ideal candidates will have experience with MEG data preprocessing, MEG
source localization, and inter-ictal spike detection in MEG recordings.
Expertise in MEG data acquisition and analysis, preferably Elekta data and
software (Maxfilter, DANA) would be an advantage. Interested candidates
should follow-up with Alexandra through 4/02/2018 at
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*Alexandra Shiluk*

Consultant/COO | *OpenSatori, Inc.*

+1 (510) 3057764 |

3794 3rd Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103