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Session 03d: Multidisciplinary insights into subduction zone processes.

Conveners: Kevin Burton, Besim Dragovic, Joshua Garber, Edward Inglis, Paul Starr


Keynote: Pierre Bouilhol (CRPG–Univ. Lorraine)

Invited speakers:  Baptiste Debret (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles) , Oliver Plümper (Utrecht)

Session Description:


Understanding the physical and chemical processes that occur at subduction zones is of importance in constraining i) the mechanisms and forces that drive plate tectonics; ii) chemical exchange between surface and deep terrestrial reservoirs; iii) seismic and volcanic hazards on human timescales; and iv) the generation of arc crust. As such, understanding feedbacks between these processes is of paramount importance to elucidating subduction-zone dynamics.


This session seeks to link aspects of subduction zone petrology and geochemistry and is concerned with placing better constraints on the temporal and spatial evolution of subduction-zone processes. We invite abstracts that are concerned with, but not limited to, geochemical cycling and interactions occurring within subduction zones (including elemental and isotopic studies); geochronological constraints on subduction zone metamorphism and its evolution; field-based studies of subduction zone terranes; rheological and petrological experiments; and numerical modeling of subduction zone dynamics. We are particularly interested in assessing feedbacks between different physical and chemical systematics, and reconciling disparate datasets or interpretations attained by distinct methodologies – including those on either a global or regional scale.

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Besim Dragovic
Adjunct Research Faculty
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Boise State University