Dear Enakshi, 

As Kathryn wrote, ImageJ is a good way to convert files. Note that it is also straightforward to use the imread function of MATLAB to get intensity values from each image and then save the file as text file. 

If there is a real need, I could add this option to the next XMapTools version.  

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Dear all,
I am just trying to calculate bulk composition of a specific symplectitic texture using XMapTools. After consulting the papers regarding this for e.g Lanari et al.2014, I have constructed X-ray intensity map (WDS) of  of different elements of that particular texture. The problem is that the maps are available only in jpg, tif and png format, whereas in XMapTools it shows that for uploading X-ray intensity map, the file type of map should be in .txt, .csv, .dat or .asc format. 
Any suggestion regarding this issue is highly appreciated. 
Enakshi Das
Senior Research Fellow
Dept. of Geological Sciences
Jadavpur University