Terminalia Festival of Psychogeography Friday 23 Feb. Leeds and Beyond
Walks, Events, Performances


Last year several WAN members participated in a day that saw eleven free events. http://terminaliafestival.org/past#2017

Friday 23 Feb is Terminalia, the feast day of Terminus, Roman god of boundaries and landmarks. If ever there was a feast day for Psychogeography, this would be it! Tim Waters and members from the Leeds Psychogeography have been doing a walk around the the centre of Leeds visiting the medieval boundary stones since 2011 and this year there are a few extra events during the day.

*** Call for Events ***

If you want to run a walk or event and want to be associated with the festival, let me know and we will add it to the website! It just needs to be free, psychogeographical, open to the public and on 23rd Feb.

Current line up:
1pm Aberystwyth. Terminalia - An Aberystwyth Celebration Walk
5.30pm Leeds, Beating the Bounds - circular walk around a divined boundary of Leeds.
With Interventions by Simon Bradley and his pocket museum and Anzir Boodoo with a Roman blessing. 

More information on these events go to

Hope you have a happy Terminalia!


p.s. I'll send another reminder when more events get added closer to the day.
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