Dear Nataly,

I don?t know where you got space syntax plugin from, but there is some documentation on it under:

Space syntax plugin provides all basic measurements. If you want to go a bit more into depth you can also use spiderweb. It provides some basic algorithms for graphs. You can download it from

Some documentation can be found here:

If you have any specific  questions please use the grasshopper forum or for spiderweb send me an email 



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Dear Space Syntax community,


I am starting an urban analysis in the inner city of Melbourne and I want to obtain values from connectivity, integration, depth and accessibility. The question is which plugin component from Rhinoceros you have found effective for doing so?


For instance, I have started to use Decodingspaces. Have any of you use the Space Syntax plugging component ? If so, is there any solid documentation of this component? Any other recommendations?


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